About us

Karen Waugh has conducted research as an archaeologist in Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. As a co-founder of Vestigia Archeology & Cultural History and as an active member and board member of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), she has worked with enthusiasm for international collaboration among archaeologists and in particular to break down apparent and practical barriers that hinder the exchange. of archaeological knowledge and ideas. From her background as a translator and editor of countless archaeological publications, publishing and making the results of international archaeological research more accessible was particularly important to her. As an archaeologist she has long been involved in the mechanisms of exchange of goods and ideas across the borders of the Roman Empire in the Netherlands, Germany and England. Unfortunately she was unable to finish her work. To pursue her ambitions and nurture her legacy, her family and company have decided to set up a foundation – Karen E. Waugh Foundation (KEWF).

For the objectives of the KEWF Foundation and the initiatives and projects that we already support, please go to the relevant pages on this website.

The KEWF Foundation is open to donations from individuals and companies. This can be in support of the generic objective of the Foundation as well as for specific projects. For questions or suggestions, please contact info@kewaughfoundation.org

The details of the Foundation are:

Tradename; Stichting Karen E. Waugh Foundation
KvK-number; 81105983
RSIN-number; 861933540

IBAN; NL13 TRIO 0320 1528 63

Bank name; Triodos Bank
Address; Spoorstraat 5, 3811 MN Amersfoort
Telephone number; 0332779200
E-mail address; info@kewaughfoundation.org