Mission Statement

The Karen Elizabeth Waugh Foundation (KEWF) is committed to increasing and exchange knowledge and experience about the shared past and the material remains of the countries around the North Sea, KEWF facilitates all forms of archaeological research on land and underwater, in which the cultural and historical connections across the North Sea and their potential for public outreach are an important part. This explicitly includes supporting young researchers in pushing boundaries and making research results more accessible by breaking down existing cultural, linguistic or political barriers. We do this by awarding grants, by supporting specific projects, and coordinating the execution if necessary. Any proceeds from our projects are fully used to finance subsequent projects and to stimulate new forms of knowledge exchange and public interest in our work area.

More specifically, this includes:

  1. enabling publications and other forms of public outreach about archaeology, preferably increasing the reception range. For example, by arranging translations, or publishing the results of archaeological and historical research via modern media, popular journals or educational platforms.
  2. enabling information and knowledge exchange (via awards and grants for study trips, symposia, internships) for (young) researchers, engaged in cross-border archaeological research in the countries around the North Sea.
  3. stimulating cross-border cooperation between archaeologists and breaking down unnecessary obstacles that stand in the way of further integration of European archaeological research. This can be done, for example, by further integrating the existing professional standards, and improving employment conditions for archaeologists.

KEWF can initiate projects and initiatives itself, but prefers to collaborate with others. Participation and financial support depend on the available resources and the amount of effort required by the foundation itself.