Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

In all facets of KEWF’s work, we aim to minimize the impact on the environment, without compromising the health and well-being of ourselves, our collaborating partners and subsidisers. We continuously evaluate and optimize our projects, agreements and subsidy conditions and prefer to use sustainable materials to achieve realistic and practical environmental objectives.

KEWF is a non-profit organization, where fulfilling our mission is paramount. All contributions received and any other income will be used for the projects for which they are intended or invested in new initiatives of the Foundation. During the implementation of all our projects and initiatives the KEWF is guided as much as possible by the applicable quality standards for archaeological research. At the European level, these are, for example, the Code of Practice and Principles of Conduct for archaeologists involved in contract archeology of the European Association for Archaeologists (EAA), in the United Kingdom the Standards and Regulations of the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists (CIFA), and in The Netherlands The Quality Standard of Dutch Archeology (KNA), the Charter of the Dutch Association of Archaeologists (NVvA), and the code of conduct of the Association of Entrepreneurs in Archeology (VOiA).

The KEWF Foundation and Board derive an important part of their motivation and commitment from their personal bond with Karen Waugh and their own involvement in the Archeology. Each of us feels co-responsible for the success of our initiatives and agreements. We strive to deliver high-quality work that contributes to the development of knowledge within the heritage sector itself through best practices, and we aim to disseminate that knowledge about the past in a creative, innovative and accessible way so that the current and future generations can enjoy.