The Board


Madeleine Hessing

I decided to join the Foundation to cherish the memory of my mum, Karen. She dedicated her work to building professional bridges across the Northsea and helped others to find career opportunities. As a family we hope to be a stable and enduring factor while supporting the Foundation.


Pete Hinton

I have joined the Foundation because I want to ensure the legacy of my friend and colleague, Karen, who undertook archaeological research on both sides of the North Sea. Political changes may complicate such studies but the Foundation will help archaeologists overcome them. With commitment and support, archaeologists can work together to understand how people have used the ocean that links us together, and the lost lands that lie below the waves. I hope that we can play a part in helping today’s and tomorrow’s Europeans understand and enjoy our shared heritage.


Lucia Veenstra

The reason for joining the Karen E. Waugh Foundation is a personal one. I have known Karen since her youngest, and my oldest, sons were born shortly after eachother. Both boys were together at daycare, and later at the same school, until high school. Karen became a dear friend in those years. When asked to help the foundation that bears her name and dedicates itself to the ideals close to her heart, of course I said “yes” wholeheartedly. Having a financial and fiscal background, I hope to keep the Karen E. Waugh Foundation, financially safe and sound.

Board member:

Wilfried Hessing

As a family we decided to set up the Foundation, to ensure the archaeological legacy of Karen. During her whole career she strived to improve cooperation between archaeologists on boths sides of the North Sea and to support those who were not able to fullfill their dreams because of practical obstacles. Let’s make work of true European Archaeology!

Executive staff:


Jeroen Flamman