The Karen Elizabeth Waugh Foundation (KEWF) supports archaeological initiatives in the countries around the North Sea

The Karen E. Waugh Foundation is committed to increasing and exchanging knowledge and experience about the shared past and the material remains of the countries around the North Sea. The foundation facilitates various forms of archaeological research on land and underwater, in which the cultural and historical connections across the North Sea form an important part and aditionally the potential for public reach. This explicitly includes supporting young researchers in pushing boundaries and making research results more accessible by breaking down existing cultural, linguistic or political barriers.

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About Karen Elisabeth Waugh

To continue her ambitions and nurture her ideas

Karen Elizabeth Waugh (08-03-1963 – 16-07-2019) has conducted research as an archaeologist in Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. As co-founder of Vestigia Archeology & Cultural History and as an active member and board member of the EAA, she has worked with great enthusiasm for international cooperation among archaeologists and in particular to break down apparent and practical barriers that prevent the exchange of archaeological knowledge and ideas.

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